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Stable Moments™ is a mentorship program developing life skills in foster and adopted children, empowering them to make healthy transitions into adulthood.

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Our program is exclusively available to children who are adopted or are currently in foster care, ages 3-17. Join us as a volunteer, a sponsor, or as a participant.


It is our vision that Stable Moments will spread awareness of the powerful impact Equine Facilitated Learning can have on children who have experienced early developmental trauma.


All funds contributed directly benefit the children in the program and care for the horses. Click below to donate today.


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When you think of Stable Moments, you think of kids and horses. We’re a mentorship program using Equine Facilitated Learning to develop life skills in foster and adopted children. Some of...

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Stable Moments has a mixture of mentors that help make the program run. People from all walks of life bringing their unique talents, skills, backgrounds and experiences. Some of our...

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Everyone knows Stable Moments is a mentorship program matching foster and adopted children with horses, but many people are still confused to what our mentor sessions actually look like. Depending...

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