Everyone knows Stable Moments is a mentorship program matching foster and adopted children with horses, but many people are still confused to what our mentor sessions actually look like. Depending on the age and interests of the child, our sessions can look VERY different. An older child, may work on executive functioning skills, developing a tracking system for their horse training goals and reporting their progress weekly, while a three year old may play at a sensory table for their whole session! We encourage children to explore, develop their strengths and interests and simply Be a Kid! An opportunity robbed from many of the children we serve early in life.

One mentor truly understands the importance of being a kid, and allowing children to explore their identity through creativity. Savannah McPherson comes to nearly every mentor session with a new craft, costume or game to engage her kiddo in. She has been with us since last session year, serving two children here and she is truly a shining star!14639796_10205765247930150_7316550232045326209_n

When I first became a mentor at stable moments it was to satisfy a criteria for one of my college classes back in the spring, but little did I know what I was getting myself into. From the moment I set foot on the property I was hooked. The horses and the people there are so beautiful inside and out! They truly make you feel loved and appreciated. Then when I met my kiddos they reeled me in and I’ve been obsessed ever since. ~Savannah

Savannah understood Stable Moments’ mission and values from day one. She truly got that we aren’t fixers and that the children are awesome just the way they are and it is our job to show these children they matter!

12321369_10204514776269140_9162231907921677224_nWhen I attended the stable’s orientation, we watched this very heart wrenching video that described the life of a foster child. I don’t believe I have ever cried so much. It was in that moment that I realized that i needed to be involved in this program and with these kiddos. Rebecca told me from the beginning, it’s not about us changing them it’s about being there for them and showing them they are important. So I knew then that I may not be able to change their situation but I wanted to help them see the light no matter how dark the situation may be. ~Savannah

From the beginning Savannah charmed our program with her car full of arts and crafts and fun costumes. She made her kiddos feel at home, dressing up like disney characters and showing them, they’re special.

14881325_10153867316661231_1782303453_oMy favorite part of being a SM volunteer is getting to take the hour out of the week and spend it with an awesome kiddo and a beautiful horse, and being able to see their relationship bloom and grow! I also enjoy getting to be creative with the activities me and Tea, my current kiddo, get to do! We are both all about princesses and we love playing pretend! She of course is always princess Ariel and I am always princess Belle! Bear even gets to play along sometimes as we pretend to be going to the “royal ball.” Overall, I enjoy everything about it and I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything!

When asking Savannah about her most inspiring moment at Stable Moments, she couldn’t pick just one.

Seeing their confidence grow from week to week is probably the most inspiring. When Tea first began sessions with me and bear, she wanted to stick to just walking him around in circles. Now she has earned 3 charms, can do all the basics with Bear (even if she has to modified a few steps since he is SO BIG and she is so little) and is currently working on finishing up the obstacle course activity. Seeing the  growth, progress and dedication of a little 7 year old throughout each and EVERY sessions are the most inspiring moments to me.

It’s mentors like Savanah that make this experience so individualized and special for the children in our program! We hope Princess Savannah stays with us for years to come! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and service!