Stable Moments has a mixture of mentors that help make the program run. People from all walks of life bringing their unique talents, skills, backgrounds and experiences. Some of our mentors come with zero horse experience and some come with years under their belt. Each mentor has their own unique set of skills and contributions that make them valuable to Stable Moments.

15304007_10102757345030320_1686075446_oJenni is one such volunteer that has brought her skills to the table helping Stable Moments. She is one of our volunteers that has horse experience. While having horse experience is not necessary, it can be very beneficial in the program. Having horse experience has allowed Jenni to quickly understand the horses being worked with on the property and pass this knowledge onto her kiddo that she works with.     

14729269_655293524638065_4272465556913126373_nJenni and her kid have become very close during their time here at the farm. They have established a great bond and enjoy having their one on one time together. During their sessions, they are always laughing and truly enjoying their time together. Jenni takes the time to figure out and understand what her kiddo likes to do so she can make their sessions amazing.

 Jenni has also fallen in love with our own Stable Moments pony, Pistol Pete, and takes care of him as if he were her own. She has helped to train Pete so he can be used as our Stable Moments mascot. She takes time out of her week to come work with him, train him in the car, and even works with him on becoming comfortable in public.stablemoments-20161022-_mg_2231

Jenni has truly become an amazing asset to Stable Moments and we are so grateful to have a volunteer like her who throws herself into every aspect of the program.