14641971_645539575613460_2989959540361661254_nWhen you think of Stable Moments, you think of kids and horses. We’re a mentorship program using Equine Facilitated Learning to develop life skills in foster and adopted children. Some of our children though, show more interest in other activities such as nature, crafts, music, art, sports or building. Part of our approach is to honor each child’s individuality and develop their strengths and sense of identity.

13051563_571401503027268_1941991045365682969_nThis is Breaden’s second year enrolled at Stable Moments. Since enrolling at Stable Moments it was evident that Breaden needed a lot of different activities to keep him interested and engaged in a positive way. Although he liked spending time with his horse, he was much more interested in using his hands, building stuff and playing sports. Unfortunately he never had the opportunity to play sports in his home of origin.

At the farm, Braeden has helped make an owl box, developing his initial building skills, then he moved onto a harder projects. He worked on building a mud kitchen out of pallets, using power tools and planning out the project. Although he was very interested in building, he often came to the farm with far too much energy to be able to use the focus needed for a project where safety was key. Breaden’s adoptive home is one of all women and he is ALL BOY! His adoptive mom was at a loss on how to get his high energy, rough housing, typical teenage boy needs met! 14117895_622877824546302_357672224401878096_n

As we brainstormed options, we thought some type of martial arts would give him the physical outlet as well as the discipline and male mentorship he needed.  Breaden’s mom said he had very much enjoyed martial arts at one point but the cost was too high for him to continue. Through a connection close to the program, Vic from West Cobb Gracie Barra, graciously offered Breaden a full scholarship to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Since joini15423779_10102772026323890_131079909_nng Jiu Jitsu, Breaden has immersed himself and worked diligently to earn his first stripe on his white belt. He comes to his Stable Moments sessions more focused and ready to work on his identity building and job readiness skills. Most importantly Breaden has raised his grades from below average to all As. Maturing boys need men and we understand that at Stable Moments. We also hope to always provide the correct service, program and outlet for all our participants. Part of having the most impact in these children’s lives is understanding the limitations of your service and working with other organizations and the community at large to get their needs met! Thanks Vic, for understanding the importance of community involvement, mentorship and playing an active role in these children’s lives. It truly takes a village!