Orange Blossom

Grey Muzzle Manor

1164 Blattadahl Road 

Mohrsville, PA 19541

Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc is a nonprofit organization and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to act as a sanctuary for senior animals, provide hospice care and adoption services, and community outreach programs to assist senior pets from entering the shelter system. Grey Muzzle Manor provides animal assisted therapy which allows individuals to interact with a variety of animals in a therapeutic setting. Grey Muzzle Manor utilizes animal assisted therapy, gardening, and art therapy as part of mental health treatment.

The interactions between client and animal is the essence that enables individuals to begin to develop awareness and coping mechanisms, helping them begin to take control of their lives. We believe people have the internal power and strength to attain a positive lifestyle. Our animals enable them to not only find this strength, but also to harness it and move forward.

Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc. became a Stable Moments location in August 2020 after discovering the program at an EAGALA conference. Marcy Tocker is the founder and executive director of Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc. In addition to being a client-centered, trauma informed therapist seeing primarily children and already utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy, Marcy is also a foster parent. Marcy recognized the gap in the foster care system and witnessed additional trauma added to children as a result this gap. Marcy’s personal experience with trauma informed foster care and the lack of training and support due to time constraints, etc. combined with the clinical knowledge of dysregulation, self-regulation, attachment theory, and trauma informed care ignited the passion to become a certified Stable Moments location in Pennsylvania.

It is time for the community to join together and assist in helping the children growing up in it. Stable Moments Mentorship program enables individuals who want to help, but cannot foster, the opportunity to be a part of changing reins in the foster care and adoption community. Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc. plans to begin Stable Moments Mentorship program in November 2020 in order to begin to be an integral part of bridging the gap.