Orange Blossom

Kiddy Up Ranch

​15232 Matis Rd
Hudson, FL 34669

Phone: ​(727) 203-6595


Kiddy Up Ranch is full of acceptance and welcomes each and every child with special needs. Our ranch is their haven, a place to call their own. No judging, no funny looks on the play ground and where every kid can just be themselves.

Kiddy Up offer's a back yard experience for the whole family. Siblings and caregivers can relax , and enjoy the comforts of some good old fashioned southern hospitality.

Horses wander the property with many other farm animals as well. Its not uncommon to be greeted by Golden Retrievers and perhaps a duck or a goat.

Our welcoming committee includes a sweet hee haw from our adorable and very friendly miniature donkey Mickey.

Kiddy Up Ranch is a place to be called a haven. A refuge and place of relaxing , sanity and acceptance to everyone that enters. We offer many different ways for you or your loved ones to enjoy the 10 acre ranch.