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Little Creek Farm


The Conservancy was formed in May 2004 to organize boarders at the barn to participate in developing programs and events that invited citizens of DeKalb County come enjoy Little Creek Horse Farm. These programs were presented to DeKalb County as it considered the purchase of the Little Creek Horse Farm property. This initiative formed the basis for The Conservancy’s partnership with DeKalb County in 2005. 

Since then the Conservancy has expanded to include citizens who do not ride or board horses at Little Creek Farm but value, as we do, the place the farm has in the community. Many more citizens are now visiting and enjoying Little Creek than ever before. They receive the benefits of interaction with horses and enjoy the beautiful green space that is Little Creek. 

Partnering with DeKalb County, the Conservancy provides support to management for maintenance of the pastures at Little Creek. The Conservancy also assists with maintenance of the arenas, and routinely provides landscaping through special events. The Conservancy annually places Fly Predators in the pastures to control flies that cause diseases in horses. Through outreach The Conservancy provides community programs and field trips for children, seniors and special needs groups.  The Conservancy also supports Stride Ahead in their Equine Assisted Therapy programs for adults and children. 




Continue to develop new projects for the public enjoyment of the Farm as well as nurture all existing public programs.

Continue to sponsor equine education and safety programs for boarders and others in the local equine community.

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