Orange Blossom

The Ranch of Hope Reins

Kristine Pienkowski 

Hampshire, IL


Phone: 847-347-6598

The Ranch of Hope Reins is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2015. It is a beautiful park-like, 20-acre horse rescue ranch, located in Hampshire, Illinois (about 40 miles west of Chicago.)

The Mission of The Ranch of Hope Reins is to provide therapeutic services, utilizing a horse rescue ranch environment, to at-risk youth and their families. Our desire is to provide a whole range of experiential services from mentoring, social and emotional development camps, group therapy, trauma informed parenting groups and individual and family psychotherapy. Our goal is to join with our community and create a space physically and emotionally to bring hope and healing to our community.

As a therapeutic facility, we know that trauma is healed in the context of a safe, caring and committed relationship. As we looked to develop our mentoring program, we were so thrilled that this well developed, trauma informed, structured, organized program that is full of resources and support was available for us to utilize! No need to reinvent the wheel! We are excited to bring the Stable Moments mentoring program to our community. We plan to begin our mentoring sessions in April 2021.

Personal note: I, Kristine Pienkowski, am the founder of The Ranch of Hope Reins. As a former foster child, former foster parent, social worker and equine specialist using the Eagala model of equine assisted psychotherapy since 2006, I am so full of joy to be bringing the power of this program to my community. I am committed to doing my part to end the foster care crisis and helping my community to be a part of that also!