Stable Moments, LLC has a number of policies to ensure that actions and decisions are consistent and equitably applied for all parties. Membership policies help the Stable Moments staff provide clear answers regarding membership and membership renewal and provides information enabling members and potential members to make decisions regarding their membership.

Certification and Membership Grace Period Policy

Individual certified members are extended a 30-day grace period following the current certificaion date to renew their membership. A member who completes the certification and member renewal process during this time frame maintains the original membership join date and remains eligible for longevity programs and other tenure-based benefits. After the 30-day grace period, a member can rejoin the organization and receives a new join date.

The grace period is the amount of time after a membership expires and before a payment is made. During this time the member continues to receive benefits. When the grace period expires, if the member has not renewed, the membership is changed to inactive and access to memeber benefits are revoked. 


Certified Member Benefits Include:

  • Access to Member Portal

    • Administrative Assets​

    • Marketing Assets

    • Community Forum

  • Acccess to Monthly Member Calls

  • Use of Stable Moments Certified Logo 

Certification Reinstatement Policy

After a 30-day grace period (concurrent with the membership grace period) Stable Moments Certified Members are required to pay a certification reinstatement fee in order to be reinstated as a Stable Moments Certifed Member (in addition to rejoining with a new membership join date). After 5 years of being expired, your certification is lost and you have to start the certification process from the beginning in order to be certified with Stable Moments, LLC. 

Time Past Membership Expiration
Reinstatement Fee
30 to 90 Days
90 to 180 Days
6 Months to 1 Year
1 to 2 Years
2 to 3 Years
3 to 4 Years
4 to 5 Years

Stable Moments Location (License Agreement) Policy

Upon completion of a Stable Moments Certfication Training and being awarded a Stable Moments Certification credential, one organization associated with the certified member is eligible to enter a license agreement to use the Stable Moments trademarked name and be listed as a Stable Moments location on this website for a term of 5 years. The first year following certification is free, and annual licensing fees are due on the anniversary of the certified members certification date each year.

Stable Moments Location (License Agreement) Grace Period 

After a 30-day grace period, if annual fees have not been paid, the license agreement will be terminated for nonpayment. The licensee will be removed from the Stable Moments site and expected to remove any reference indicating licensee being a  Stable Moments Location from Licensees materials, including websie and social media. Location specific benefits will also be revoked.

Location Benefits Include:

  • Promoting your site as a Stable Moments location

  • Free personal consultation with Rebecca upon request

  • Unlimited access passes to the online mentor orientation

  • Listing as a location on the Stable Moments website

  • Pre/Mid/Post- Test Data Collection by Stable Moments

Stable Moments Location (License Agreement) Grace Period & Reinstatement Policy

After a 30-day grace period Stable Moments Licensees are required to pay a certification reinstatement fee of $50 if within 90 days and $100 if it is received after 90 days but before 5 years, in order to be reinstated as a Stable Moments Location. After 5 years of being expired your agreement is terminated and you have to start the certification process from the beginning to be considered a Stable Moments location.