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Hey Friends! I'm Heidi Gossen founder and executive director of Crossfire Ranch in Reedsville, WI. I am excited to bring the Stable Moments program to our area!

A little about me... I have always been "about people", was an avid people watcher since I can remember. That has grown up and formed into a huge desire to bring hope, healing and restoration to hearts & relationships and pursue a degree in psychology. I serve as a lay counselor through our local church and was certified in life & leadership coaching in 2017. Having worked in various social service agencies and hearing deeply the silent heart cries, I felt called to open an equine growth and learning ranch where young and old alike could taste and see hope. It only takes a spark of hope to start kindling a fire. Little changes, encouragement, repitition. Accepting people where they are and believing that we are all filled with our unique potential is foundational to the heart work at the ranch, it is foundational to how I try to live. ☺️

When I leaned about the Stable Moments program it didn't take long to realize that it is a great fit for Crossfire Ranch. I love the structured intentionality of the program and the voice the youth have in their progress, something that is so vital to their core being.

Feel free to visit our website:, image is also linked. We look forward to journeying with you.

Crossfire Ranch

Offering Hope. Changing Lives.

In Hope,


Heidi Gossen - Wisconsin