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My name is Marcy Tocker and I am the founder of Grey Muzzle Manor, Sanctuary Inc. located in Mohrsville, Pennsylvania. We recently moved from our almost four acre, seven year home, to 45 acres! Grey Muzzle Manor is super excited to be a certified Stable Moments site! I am a client centered therapist utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy (EAGALA model), animal assisted psychotherapy, expressive art therapy, play therapy, and attachment based trauma play therapy. I am also a foster parent.

Through these experiences as a therapist and foster parent, in addition to being a caseworker for a provider for Children and Youth in graduate school, there were many areas identified that could be improved upon. We need to join hands, as a community, to aid foster parents, caseworkers, etc. to make a change. It is the responsibility of the community to step up for our kids. I know throughout our foster care journey, many folks are eager to help in any way they can. I am so excited to offer this program to my community and our kiddos.

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