Garbage Bag Suitcase Part 1 with Shenandoah Chefalo

Episode #60

Shenandoah Chefalo is a graduate of Michigan State University, holding a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science, a Certified Coach, and a member of the Foster Leaders Movement. She is a sought after speaker on topics surrounding youth in foster care and the science and impact of trauma and resilience on various social issues; She is also the President and Owner of Chefalo Consulting: Trauma-Informed Specialist that helps private, governmental, and public organizations implement sustainable trauma-informed strategies that are focused on learning new skills as well as organizational culture changes and shifts.  She has been featured as a consultant and trainer nationally and internationally. 

After spending nearly 20 years as a Law Office Administrator, Shenandoah became unsettled by the ever-revolving door of people into the criminal justice system and set out to find a way to change it. 

A survivor and alumni of the foster care system, Shenandoah Chefalo is also the co-founder of the #4600andCounting, a grass-roots movement to bring awareness and change to the missing youth of foster care.  

In addition to her multiple award-winning book, Garbage Bag Suitcase, she also wrote an e-book entitled Setting Your Vision and Defining Your Goals and is also working on her next manuscript, Hiking for Stillness.