#76: 4 Ways Mentorship is Therapeutic for Children with Complex Trauma Needs

In this episode, we dive into the therapeutic power of mentorship for children with complex trauma. Explore 4 transformative ways mentors can heal trauma by showing up, demonstrating genuine interest, navigating relationships, and being positive role models. Discover the magic of mentorship in fostering resilience and healing for kids in need. 🌟 #ChildMentorship #TraumaHealing #MentorshipMagic 🔗 Don't miss our free webinar at stablemoments.com for more valuable insights. 👩‍💼 As a social worker, I realized the need for more than psychoeducation. Trauma-informed family therapy is fantastic, but some kids are therapied out. Stable Moments provides the active engagement and life skill development they need while healing trauma in essential ways.

🌈 Explore 4 Ways Mentorship is Therapeutic:

1️⃣ Showing Up: Rebuilding trust and integrity by consistently being there for a child who has experienced inconsistency.

2️⃣ Showing Interest: Fostering self-worth and building strengths by exploring a child's interests with curiosity and positivity.

3️⃣ Navigating a Relationship: Overcoming the challenges of relationships, mentors demonstrate enriching, genuine connections.

4️⃣ Being a Role Model: Providing a positive example of a caring, responsible human, shaping a child's aspirations and possibilities.

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