Understanding ACES: Building Resilience through Mentorship

In this episode we dive into Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and their profound impact on human development.

Join as we explore how ACES shape both physical and mental health outcomes throughout an individual's life, particularly in the context of foster care and adoption.

In this episode, we uncover the significance of trauma-informed approaches in addressing complex trauma experienced by children in foster care and adoption systems. We highlight the importance of understanding ACES and the lasting effects they can have on individuals, while also shedding light on how Positive Childhood Experiences (PCES) can serve as a powerful counterforce.

We showcase the pivotal role of mentorship in helping children navigate the challenges posed by ACES and fostering resilience. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation! Hit that play button, like, share, and subscribe to stay tuned for more empowering discussions on foster care, adoption, and building resilience against adversity.

Take your ACES and Resilience test: https://cls.unc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/3019/2016/08/From-ACESTOOHIGH-ACES-and-Resilience-questions.pdf

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