Big Ts and Little Ts - It's all trauma

In this episode, I'll be delving into the concepts of Big T and little t trauma in the realm of trauma, especially as they pertain to our work with kids in foster care. Join me as we explore how understanding these distinctions can better equip us as mentors to support these children. We'll start by examining the origins of the Big T and little t terminology and how it has evolved over time. Through personal anecdotes and insights, I'll share how these labels may not accurately capture the full impact of trauma on individuals' lives. As mentors, it's crucial for us to recognize that trauma comes in various forms and sizes, and each child's experience is unique. By understanding the nuances of Big Ts and little ts, we can better empathize with the children we serve and provide more meaningful support. Throughout the episode, I'll share practical tips and strategies for mentors on how to show up for kids who have experienced both Big Ts and little ts. From creating safe spaces for self-expression to validating their experiences, we'll explore actionable ways mentors can make a positive difference in these children's lives. Join me as we navigate this important topic and learn how we can play a vital role in helping children in foster care heal from their past traumas and thrive in the present.