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Intake Assesment

Every child served starts with an intake assessment, where program directors learn from guardians about the child's history, strengths, interests and challenges. This is where guardians and program directors determine if Stable Moments programming is a good fit.

Plan of Care

From information gathered during the intake assessment, program directors develop an individualized, color-coded plan of care to address specific life-skill goals. Our plans address six life skill areas including, self-worth, emotional awareness, self-regulation, responsibility, independence and healthy relationships.

1:1 Mentorship

Mentorship is the heart of our program. Research from Harvard suggests that one, long-term, healthy relationship with an adult builds resiliency factors in children with complex trauma needs. Each participant is matched with a mentor for the 10- month program. Together, they develop a plan for each session including a connecting, life-skill development, and transition activity.

Color-Coded Activities

Rember that color-coded plan of care? Well, our equine and non-equine, trauma-informed activities are color-coded too, so mentors can easily choose activities based on the plan of care focus colors. This allows mentors to apply therapeutic interventions to develop life-skills that feel more like games. They're simply engaging and fun.

Progress Summaries

Tracking progress is important to us. We do this through pre- and post- test assessments, as well as activity logs completed by mentors at the end of each session. With this quantitative and qualitative data we are able to develop summaries to demonstrate each participants' progress and our program's overall impact. 

Healing Trauma with EAL and Mentorship

Learn how pairing community mentorship with equine-assisted learning can heal trauma and promote resilience in children with complex trauma needs.

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