Everyone Gets an A

for mentors for parents for program directors Jul 22, 2020
That's right, every single person that walks onto a Stable Moments property gets an A and guess what, they can't lose their A. It doesn't matter if they're a child, a parent or a mentor, they get an A, period.
Now, this isn't some "everyone gets a participation trophy" theory. This is much deeper than that, this speaks to worth, something children surviving with developmental trauma don't believe they have.
Having an A means you have intrinsic worth, that you are perfection in the way God made you. Now, like everyone, there may be learning that needs to take place, feedback that needs to be given and received and we certainly will need to follow through in regards to natural consequences, but it doesn't have any impact on someone's A.
A child that is struggling in the program isn't doing any less good than a kid that is breezing by. They both have different needs, they both still have As. A mentor or a parent that is in the program will bring different challenges, it is our job to work with them to unveil the intrinsic A that dwells within them!
Michelangelo believed that the beautiful sculpture was already in the stone, he was simply removing the other stuff.  
That is our job. To quiet the noise that makes children, parents, mentors believe that they weren't given an A the second they entered this world.
Now, we can't simply preech to those we serve that it is their job to realize their potential. Many of the children we serve have lived through trauma that literally weaved worthlessness into the fabric of their being. So, it is not on them to realize their worth.
It is on us to show them their worth and in every interaction, even if you are speaking the truth, or holding a limit or following through, treating them as if they already have an A, because being here isn't about earning something. It is about getting connection and healthy relationship because, as a human, you deserve it.

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