Get Your Stable Moments Program Funded

for program directors Nov 01, 2022

It's that time of year again...time when you really need to be planning your end-of-year campaign. And guess what? I wrote it for you!!!

That's right. I firmly believe that community members are responsible for unwanted, abused and abandoned children and equine facilities SHOULD offer community members the opportunity to serve children in foster care. 

If funding is keeping you from starting a Stable Moments program, then I want to remove that barrier. 

Launching a program for foster and adopted children is a unique opportunity for donors to get excited about and I've written 8 emails that you can just copy and paste and BOOM... there's your end of year campaign. 

I also have social media graphics and post text to accompany the emails! 

As I said..It's all done for you. 

You can access the full fundraising kit below, please make sure to make a copy of the document prior to editing as it will edit it for everyone. 

Access the Fundraising Kit Here



Do you serve children with complex trauma needs?

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