Get $25,000 to Launch your Stable Moments Program

for program directors May 18, 2023

We know more people would launch a Stable Moments program if they had the funding.

And our #1 goal is to equip as many organizations as possible to serve children in foster care WHILE giving the community an opportunity to play an active role by being a mentor. 

So rather than a little fundraising campaign,

how about we just give you the $25,000 grant that we used to secure funding for this program?

We've written the whole thing, utilizing a funding proposal template that has won hundreds of thousands in grants for nonprofits. 

It's essentially done for you, but make sure to actually read the whole thing, add your name, your logo and add relevant information regarding your nonprofit. 

Also, make sure you're willing to implement the proposal when you get the big check. 

And if you're thinking...

I don't even know who I would send a funding proposal to

That's OK...we get it and here's the answer

Send it to everyone. Tell them you've slaved over this proposal and ask them for feedback.

Ask them if they know any community foundations or private entities with a heart for foster care kids. 

We have taken the most challenging part off your plate, now you just gotta sell it. 

As a nonprofit, you want to strengthen your grant muscle. Getting big chunks of money to fuel your mission is much easier than begging for $20 donations. 

And you can adjust the numbers. Make it a $5,000 grant if you want.

Just get it out there, get it funded, and create a grant-winning streak for yourself. 

Get Your Completely Editable Stable Moments® Funding Proposal Here

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