Trauma-Informed Holidays

Nov 30, 2022

So we are in the full throes of the holiday season right now and as much as many of us have merry and bright attitudes about this season, it is important to understand that the holidays can be really tough for foster and adopted children.

Children in foster care may have ONLY bad memories of the holidays.

Maybe they remember it as a time when Santa always forgot their house. Maybe they remember their mom being stressed about not being able to afford Christmas. Maybe they did have memorable Christmases but their special Christmas didn’t include a tree or gifts but a special trip to Waffle House every year.

It was the one time a year when they had a meal out and everyone was happy. 

Maybe they recognized a different holiday. Maybe they were Jehova’s Witnesses or celebrated Hanuka or Kwanza. Maybe with all their placements, they have celebrated something different every year. 

So in this month's episode, I'm talking about how a child from unstable beginnings could experience the holidays and how we can ensure we are validating and empathetic to that experience. 

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