Stable Moments Podcast

Stable Moments Podcast

Hosted by: Rebecca Britt

The show where we discuss all things related to the foster care system and early childhood trauma. From foster parents, trauma experts, former foster kids and beyond, we’ll take a deep dive into the complexities of...

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Parenting in a Pandemic with Beth Tyson

Episode #58

Beth Tyson, MA, is a psychotherapist, childhood grief and trauma expert, and a children's book author. She recently co-authored and released a new book - The Parenting Odyssey: Trials, Treasures, and Triumphs of...
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Fostering Greatness with Leah Angel Daniel

Episode #57

In this episode, Leah shares how education helped her make it through years in foster care and how being ill-equipped to raise her brothers led her to start Fostering Greatness, Inc - an organization helping foster...
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How the Foster Care System is Wrecking Young Lives with Naomi Riley

Episode #56

In this episode I sit down with Naomi Riley to discuss how  the Foster Care System, Family Courts, and Racial Activists Are Wrecking Young Lives. Naomi argues that our focus on reunification has built a system that is...
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Strategic Prayer for Orphan Care with Jacqui Jackson

Episode #55

In this episode we sit down with Jacqui Jackson to discuss how we can use strategic prayer to alleviate suffering for children in foster care. Jacqui Jackson, M.Ed, is CEO of Ignite Hope, a former Foster Child,...
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Building Brave Brains through P.A.C.E. with Jessica Sinarski

Episode #54

The P.A.C.E. framework teaches us to be playful, accepting, curious and empathetic. Jessica Sinarski is a highly sought-after therapist, author, and speaker. Extensive post-graduate training and 15+ years as a...
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A Practical Framework for Emotional Regualtion with Lauren Spigelmyer

Episode #53

Join us while we chat with the Founder of The Behavior Hub Lauren Spielmyer. She shares her four part framework to teaching emotional literacy and regulation that work well for children with complex trauma as it takes...
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Regulated and Relational with Ginger Healy

Episode #52

Ginger sits down with us to discuss her work as a Social Worker, Adoptive Mom, Parenting Program Director and now co-host of the podcast from Attachment Trauma Network, Regulated and Relational. Check out the podcast...
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Opioids and the Foster Care Crisis with Natalie Chavis Fisher

Episode #51

Join us while Natalie Chavis Fisher takes us into adoption court to show us how the opioid epidemic is impacting the foster care crisis.Natalie  is a best-selling author, third-generation attorney and executive ...
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Three Guiding Truths for Children With Trauma-Related Needs with Tiff Sudela-Junker

Episode #50

Tiffany Sudela-Junker is mother by adoption to two children with vastly different trauma-based special needs.With her own growth process as an example, Tif mentors and advocates for a “empathy + connection before...
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Discovering Your Story to be a Better Parent with Ce Eshelman

Episode #49

Join us as Ce Eshelman, LMFT walks us through how to discover what happened in our childhood and how that impacts how we show up to working with children today. Ce Eshelman, LMFT, is an attachment specialist, author,...
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Determined to be Dad with Steve Disselhorst

Episode #48

 Steve always knew he wanted a family. Raised catholic he grew up thinking he was destined to marry a woman and have children. When he was confronted with his attraction to men and the eventual realization that he was...
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From Kinship Care to Single Adoptive Father with Barry Farmer

Episode #47

Barry Farmer is a Native of Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in Kinship Care with his grandmother from ages 5-18. For the last 15 years he's been devoted to working inside and outside the classroom with youth and their...
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